Abacon BlueStar

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Abacon Bluestar is a division of Sanlam and their main focus is on the medical profession and their life insurance. To easily explain their offering they have made use of some of Sanlam’s collateral, some of their own, home-made, cut, copy and paste…
Fuge wanted to streamline the Abacon Bluestar offerings and create a consistent look for the organization so that they can easily and efficiently communicate to their target audience in a short period of time.
Creating joy
We started by creating a star character that would illustrate what each offering was about. The character can take on any type of emotion, clothing, ability/disability to communicate a whole bunch of information in a blink. We also did A4 double sided infographics with a common look and feel that was compatible with the Sanlam brand CI, easy to read and understand and also a made for a great leave behind.