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Blue Recruiting is a boutique recruitment service provider. It is able to service clients' staffing needs by sourcing the best candidates from the well qualified KPMG alumni as well as other accomplished finance professionals in South Africa. Blue Recruiting initially contacted Fuge to create a double sided A3 infographic style Annual Report in the beginning of 2015. After completion on the project, we embarked on a journey to re-brand Blue recruiting to fit in with the KPMG brand, making sure that they were dressed for success.
Because Blue Recruiting recruit mostly in KPMG and to KPMG clients and Alumni, they wanted that brand connection with KPMG without looking just like them. They were pretty fond of their previous brand identity but soon realized that a well thought through identity and good brand positioning can make a huge difference in perceptions, professionalism and communication.
Creating joy
Fuge took a strategic approach in creating a unique and simple identity for Blue recruiting, keeping the connection to KPMG by use of conceptual development, colour use and simplicity of design. We also rolled out the look and feel to their basic stationary and collateral and are in the process of re-branding and developing their new and improved website.