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eBucks is South Africa´s leading multi-partner rewards programme where you will be rewarded for doing everyday things like banking and shopping. The Exco wanted a clear strategy to work to and had an in-depth discussion around it in one of their meetings.
Create a one page infographic that captures the E-bucks Exco meeting minutes in a look and feel of an iPad/device game using a tree as the focus point.
Creating joy
Meeting minutes are basically just a document detailing what has been said in a meeting. But E-bucks being the cool company it is, wanted something they could look and instantly see where their strengths and weaknesses lie and who is responsible for a task to improve the company as a whole. You have the rating (9+) that they strive for as a target in their ‘game’, have multiple ‘players’ responsible for tasks and a tree with 4 branches each describing a part of the business and how fruitful each of these sections are. People being the core of the tree and a very important part of the company with a strong foundation built on intricate values.

Ultimately, we’ve transformed a boring document, into an interactive piece of work that is not only informative but also motivational.