Glade Inspirational Fragrances

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Glade Fragrances is launching a new competition releasing 6 new scents to the South African market. The idea is to have budding decorators and designers choose one of the scents and create a room based on that inspiration.
MEC Global Media Agency was asked to run this campaign and with the help of Fuge create a brand around the competition as well as artwork for a sensorium that would be created at various locations around South Africa showcasing the top 6 finalists inspired rooms.
Creating joy
Scents can not be contained in an image or captured in an illustration and so our challenge was to create some form of communication that showed scent, design and creative inspiration. We decided on a water paint look and feel – it had a somewhat airy fairy feel to it that locked in scents and creativity. The collateral was basically a white canvas with the 6 Glade scents corporate colours in water paint with black ink sketches that illustrated some of the elements of each scent. Competition details, emailers, press releases, prizes were all created with this look and feel and with the first sensorium erected at the Square at Melrose Arch Johannesburg where people could physically walk through the top 6 designed rooms based on these inspirational fragrances.