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Karien Nel Architect is a well known architect in Johannesburg and surrounding areas known for her skill and eye for detail. Her focus is knowing her clients needs, understanding the space they require and also taking budget constraints into account. She has over 15 years hands-on experience in the industry and keep up with the latest trends and technology in architectural design and building materials making sure her clients experience.
Modern but timeless, bright and bold, sophisticated and simplistic. “Show clients that we listen to what they say and also to that which they are not saying” The overall brand collateral should communicate that relationships are important and a personal service are essential to making personal space work.
Creating joy
Clever design always brings joy to both Fuge and their clients. KNA’s main identity was constructed by combining the letters K, N and A creating a house with a roof and chimney. The icon came together nicely and within the circular holding device we could show clients that they’ll find a well rounded and experienced service at KNA.

We rolled out the new identity to basic stationary keeping all communication very personal as if the collateral was having a first hand conversation with the viewer. The website is still under construction (excuse the pun), but will be ‘inhabited’ soon.