Leadership Development Journeys

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Leadstrong created two amazing courses: The Leadership Development Journey and the Management Development Journey. Each with their own set of sessions that would take you from zero to hero!
Lots of content and unique and complex material had been developed for these courses. Leadstrong trusted Fuge to create a conceptual look and feel for the LDJ and MDJ. We had to make sure that they tie in with each other but still have their own individual concept.
Creating joy
Leadership Development Journey = Hiking shoe with the main feature being the laces that tie the shoe so you can go on with your journey.
Management Development Journey = Briefcase with a combination lock that would unlock each section to becoming a passionate professional.
We developed files, Moleskine notebooks with bellybands, infographics for each of the sessions, stickers, graphs, illustrations, powerpoint templates, tags etc. The LDJ package even came tied with a real shoe lace giving the user an experiential course that left them wanting more.