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LeadStrong was established in 2005 by a small team of individuals passionate about using their talents, experience and resources to act as a catalyst for positive change on a global scale. They realised that meaningful change doesn’t happen by merely replicating what has worked for others, it is a unique process that requires curiosity, learning and rigour.
Rebrand Leadstrong, keeping their unique product offering in mind and create a strong concept behind the brand so people would find it relevant and exciting.
Creating joy
Fuge wanted to create an icon that could be a standalone brand, recognisable for not only good design, but also to illustrate the concepts of strength and leadership all in one. Our focus was on the letters L and S and combining them to create a very graphic symbol. We also took a look at nature and found that bees not only had a strong leader in the queen, but they were also keen to follow. And so the hexagon became the holding device for the graphic LS. Accompanied with clean typography and a strong tagline, the Leadstrong brand has grown to be one the most loved strategic and leadership training organisations in Gauteng and is fast becoming a well known name with corporates and small businesses alike.

We rolled out the brand to all sorts of collateral including basic stationary, product cards (infographic style), website and other company training material.