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A church in the heart of Bryanston, serving the community and preaching Jesus to Johannesburg, South Africa and the rest of the world as part of New Covenant Church Ministries. NCCB is a place where you get to know God, His purpose for your life, experience family and learn how to apply Christ in your everyday life.
NCCB’s brand identity has been used in every possible way - different fonts, colours, layout etc. Our brief was to create a brand identity that would illustrate what NCCB was all about and create brand consistency and positioning.
Creating joy
Being a part of the NCCB family gave Fuge a head start in creating this identity. Life is a journey – we are all born into this world, learn through ups and downs, make choices and will one day die. BUT…if you accept Christ in this life, a new and better one awaits. This was the concept we wanted to illustrate in the logo design. Green was the obvious choice as it represents growth and by adding that lime/electric punch really gave the identity that extra oomph! Look and feel was rolled out to corporate stationary, website and also gave us the opportunity to work on the websites for Little Flock Pre-primary and The King’s College and Preparatory School.