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Rous House Productions is a Film and Television company based in Johannesburg. Founded by brothers Josh and Luke Rous as a launch pad for pushing the bounds of creative film making, this dynamic duo has been producing, writing and directing some of the most cutting edge work in South African television and film since 2007.
The brothers Rous, wanted an identity that would depict their family name and show what they do in a blink. It was to be iconic, work easily as an animation and have a personal touch making it feel homey and inviting.
Creating joy
After many designs and conceptual brainstorming, we created the Rous House-house. The logo has a n immediate warm and homey/family feel with the very literal house but as it is made out of film, there are no doubts about who and what these guys are and do. The logo can be scaled very small and keep it’s iconic look. We also did the short logo animation for the production house which captures the essence of what the logo is all about – even having a little ‘ding dong’ at the end! We are looking to improve the Rous House website in 2016.