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SAG's enterprise software modernizes, automates and optimizes existing IT systems and processes in both public and private sector organizations. Building on nearly 40 years of product use and acceptance by the local financial, public, retail and manufacturing sectors, the region has delivered a 600 percent growth in revenue and the local office staff compliment has more than quadrupled since 2004.
Create an infographic that shows the strategic focus of SAG with a tech look and feel focusing on both the main objectives of the company as well as the 4 pillars of the company: Priorities, Offering, Industry focus and Success.
Creating joy
Fuge wanted ‘Making amazing happen’ as the centre focus of this infographic with everything else streaming from this concept. The amount of content that was to go onto this one pager was intense and so we wanted to make the piece as graphic and pictorial as possible without making it too busy to read or understand.