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As part of Tsogo Sun, South Africa’s premier hospitality and entertainment group, SUN1 hotels offer guests convenient accommodation at the cheapest rates.
After the success of the 2014 challenge and introducing the team at Sun 1 to the Tsogo Sun family, the managing team came to Fuge with a concept called ‘Entrepreneurs’. That was it. A 5 minute briefing session…and GO!
Creating joy
A one word concept given by the client was quite the challenge but Fuge decided to look at the 5 core values of Tsogo Sun, and look at life changing entrepreneurs through history that have made an impact on the world using one of these values as a focus point. We created an interesting interactive brochure that would guide the team through the 2015 challenge. We paired the following entrepreneurs with the 5 core values including personal quotes speaking to the specific value: Ray Kroc – McDonalds: Growth, Thomas Edison – Electricity: Opportunity, Steve Jobs – Apple Computers: Ownership, Henry Ford – Ford: Teamwork, Coco Chanel – Chanel: Service.