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As part of Tsogo Sun, South Africa’s premier hospitality and entertainment group, SUN1 hotels offer guests convenient accommodation at the cheapest rates.
Since 2008, Fuge has been responsible for the yearly internal challenge collateral for the Accor Formula 1 Hotel. In 2014, Tsogo Sun has bought Formula 1 from Accor and rebranded to Sun 1. Being new to the Tsogo Sun family, our brief was to make the sun shine on a new chapter for the hotel focusing on the challenges set for the employees in the light of their 5 core values: Teamwork, Service, Opportunity, Growth and Ownership.
Creating joy
Fuge took this brief quite literally and created an infographic that would be printed to a massive size so that employees could interact with each sunbeam streaming from the 5 core values. Surrounding the sun, was the 8 challenges set for all hotels along with the qualification criteria and rewards. The infographic was packaged in a branded cardboard tube and handed out at their strategic get-away at the beginning of the year.