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Van Hulsteyns is a commercial law firm situated in Sandton, South Africa’s economic centre. The firm’s history in the legal profession dates back to 1872, and includes advising some of the oldest mining houses on the Rand and the largest commercial banks in South Africa. They have a broad range of clients, ranging from JSE listed companies to multinational entities, with whom they enjoy impeccable relationships which extend over many years.
We were initially contacted by Van Hulsteyns only to redo their website. After our meeting with them we found they wanted to grow the firm and also make it more relevant to the 21st century. Their brief was to rebrand the oldest law firm in Johannesburg keeping in mind their history and stature. A website was to follow suite along with basic stationary, signage and more.
Creating joy
Knowing that this law firm loved their origins and being called the oldest law firm in Johannesburg, we started this process evolutionising and simplifying the main identity. There was no consistency in brand and so we created a CI Manual to guide the firm in using the new streamlined identity going forward. We also introduced a new colour scheme that included a dark maroon (to represent the old) and a bright neon yellow (representing the now). The brand had to connect to both old and new in the firm and also show the competition that Van Hulsteyns are ready to take business to the next level.

The website is a combination of both old and new and creating a balance between the two. The history is still very much visible but the overall brand is modern, fresh and stylish while the usability is functional and informative.