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New Leaders Foundation is a not for profit company that is committed to transforming South African education. NLF believe that education and unemployment are two of the greatest challenges of our time. The DDD Project is currently NLF’s flagship program. The project has been led by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation in partnership with the Department of Basic Education. The aim of the project is to improve learner outcomes by improving the way key educational data is collected and used by officials in the education system to support schools and teachers more effectively.
DDD in collaboration with Leadstrong has asked Fuge to create a campaign that will get district officials and educators exited about collecting data that will improve learner outcomes. The campaign had to be colourful, easily understandable, visible and friendly.
Creating joy
Fuge created 6, 2d animated characters that represents most individuals collecting educational data. This being the starting point in the campaign, we created infographics, posters, manuals, powerpoint presentations, certificates, branded gifts and an overall corporate identity look and feel incorporating both NLF, DDD and the DBE colours. We also created 3 animated videos that will inform officials how to use the DDD Toolbox and what the challenges and outcomes for the project are.