Create a new Brand for Hennie’s - a dog themed sports pub. Brand development, collateral, merchandise and packaging design as well as E-commerce Website design and development.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction, Brand Development & Collateral

  • Client

    Hennie's Restaurant Group

  • Industry

    Food, Retail, Entertainment

how it’s made

Hennie’s Identity

After his success in comedy, Rikus de Beer (otherwise known as Jonathan from Radio Raps), applied his sense of humour to the restaurant industry by paying tribute to his beloved bull terrier, Hennie.

The brief was very specific: create an identity based on Hennie’s face with a quirky font type that will instil a feeling of mischievousness, fun and play.


Connecting brand
and customer

Fuge not only wanted to create a logo, but truly an identity – a brand you can connect with personally. Hennie’s communication is very relaxed (South African mixed Afrikaans/English slang), unpretentious, tongue-in-cheek, welcoming… and it is no wonder that Hennie’s has been voted Beeld Readers favourite pub two years in a row.