Create a new Brand for a financial trading platform. Brand development, collateral and Website design. UX/UI Design for a new App in collaboration with a skilled team of Business Analysts and Engineers.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Brand Story

  • Design

    Art Direction, Brand Development & Collateral

  • Client

    Mesh BV

  • Industry

    FinTech, Financial, Trading

how it’s made

Mesh Identity

Mesh is a multi-sided, cross-asset platform that provides universal, direct access for all participants to a trusted global capital marketplace. Mesh makes it possible to (1) Create, (2)Issue, (3) Trade, and (4) Own tokenized digital assets over their (5) full Lifecycle giving everyone access to grow their wealth. It is with this in mind that Fuge created this brand identity. The Logo has 4 parts that combines into a single unit (a mesh) to create a full “lifecycle” with the letter M at the centre. It is an icon that tells a story, a brand that will create a revolution.

how it’s made

Unique to Mesh

how it’s made

Solid architecture,
sleek design,
smooth interface

The Mesh Brand is professional and unapologetically inclusive, disruptively honest, bravely transparent, knowledgable and experienced.

With a team consisting of the brightest Business Analysts, Engineers and Financial experts, Fuge designed a platform that tick all the boxes. A modern, aesthetically beautiful platform providing access to all market participants to trade with trust and efficiency.