What we do, How we do it

When clients’ needs are not only met but expectations exceeded, joy explodes!

Creating a brand experience is what it’s all about! Fuge has a full turn-key solution to all your design needs. Our work methodology identifies and supports your business needs, tailored to your objectives while recognising your values and company culture.


Probably the most important but most underestimated part of the design process! Without a well planned strategy, you are waisting time and money.  Our Strategy + Blueprinting includes active in-person sessions with your management team to align strategic objectives for your brands and products. 

This is where business profitability meets value for people.

Strategy is also the first step in our design Methodology.


We love creating brands that tell stories and believe we can only do this if we completely understand our client and their business needs. Starting with the Brand Strategy as a base, Brand Development include a vast array of deliverables such as the company voice, logo, typography, principles and style guides. We will develop all company collateral and help you establish a brand you can be proud of.

Design services include anything from stationary to infographics, packaging, brochures etc.


User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design form a major part of our offering.

The digital age has brought with it its challenges but more so opportunities for businesses to market and sell more than ever before. We create online spaces users love to use! 

Our services include UX/UI design, web design and programming, mobile and platform development, social media, e-commerce, explainer videos and digital transformation consulting.


Marketing and Sales go hand-in-hand therefore identifying customer needs through a well thought through marketing strategy is key. Advertising promotes products and services through paid channels.

Our services include both print and online deliverables such as billboards and posters, magazine-, Google- and social media ads. We also provide content creation and copywriting, photography, social media and google analytics and management.

Our Clients


We’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing brands and super people. But whether a big brand, an SME or a new product or start-up, every client has inspired us and pushed us to create exciting things.
We want to thank every company that has put their trust in us and invite others to become part of the Fuge family.



There are many…we’ve lost count, but it’s many. We don’t know how many…



We keep the coffee economy alive. We don’t have exact numbers. But it’s a hell-of-a-lot!

We’re a team of creatives. Professional in corporate environments but a bit weird and wonderful in front of our Apple screens. Our in-house team are masters at their craft and we collaborate with a skilled team of specialists as and when the need arises.

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OUR approach

3D Methodology

Fuge follows a combination of two important ideas: Design Thinking and the Agile Methodology, which has become the industry norm.


The Why, How, and What
Fuge scientifically researches and interprets the information central to the development of strategies for brands, websites and marketing plans. The analysis and interpretation of the raw data provides the basis for a coherent brand communication plan – the foundation in our creative process.

Our discovering process also includes brainstorming, competitor analysis and conceptual ideation getting a clear picture of our clients Why, How and What..


Our sweet spot!
Fuge distils a company’s values, essence and position into a single idea that unites strategies and insights to create a unique personality and distinctive face for the brand. This process effectively translates the abstract into a readily understood visual language.

Our design process is intense, fun and rewarding for both us and our clients. Regular team reviews during the creative process ensure that we challenge each others’ thought processes and execution thereof.

Ticking the boxes Roll out of creative design to corporate collateral can be time consuming and Fuge has a strict “meet-the-deadline” policy. For Fuge, delivering on project objectives is one of the first physical measuring points of success. Due to our agile approach, we constantly connect with clients making sure we hit the mark.